Cycling in London, part 1

 The Regent's Canal runs through northern London, starting in the east at the Thames river, not far from the Limehouse Cut, and snakes north past Mile End to Bethnal Green, turning east to Islington and Camden Town and ending up past St. John's Wood and Maida Green, just north of Paddington Station. 

The best way to see it is by walking or on a bike, and I chose the latter. The problem was I was in London and didn't have a bike. Gumtree to the rescue! It's the English version of Craigslist. I found a bike, the same make, and model I ride here at home, and bought it outright. The problem was that it was far across the city near Kew Garden. I was in Holborn, miles away. 

I hopped on the tube, then a bus, and finally, shoe leather express to reach my destination. The bike was suitable, so we sealed the deal with Venmo; I strapped on a helmet and put in my AirPods, cued up Apple Maps, and headed East, following the instructions being whispered in my ear by Siri, whom I absolutely did not trust to get me back to the Nyx hotel. 

She was on her best behavior, and I made it smoothly through London rush hour traffic. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of my home-away-from-home.  I approached the front desk with some trepidation, but they unflappably suggested I take the bike up to my room, so I did. 

To be continued...

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