Great Sports Memorabilia Framing at Esprit Decor Gallery

Recently, a new client brought this autographed locker name panel for Arizona Diamondback first baseman Paul Goldschmidt in to be framed. The look was to be classy and just a little bit formal to go in the den. Using all archival components, we chose three museum boards to accentuate the colors in the name panel, and a lovely cap style furniture finish Studio moulding in a dark brown with a  black back to further emphasize and integrate the framing solution and the image. 

 Click the image for bigger view!

The locker name panel was raised so that it floated above the black background, and the mats also had 3/16" spacers in between them to accentuate the depth and give the piece a shadow box effect. The final touch was to glaze the project with Tru-Vue Museum glass to reduce reflection and provide 99.7% UV protection. The finished piece will be a great conversation piece, and a fitting tribute to Goldie, a Diamondback great!

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