London Bridge Isn't Falling Down

Well, actually, that bridge isn't even in London, it was auctioned off and moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona in 1968, where it is to this day. I have it on good authority that the bridge is doing fine in it's new home, but since Lake Havasu City isn't famous for it's fish and chips, I decided to go to the original location of the bridge, the city of London itself.

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a few more hoops to jump through to get there, but it's well worth the effort. London is an exciting and vibrant metropolis with oodles of history and tradition, much like the Big Apple. I spent ten days there recently, and came away with over 3,000 images, from Chinatown to the Regents Canal and Canary Wharf to Piccadilly Circus. Getting around London is a breeze, So if you want to go to the British Museum, Kew Gardens, The V & A, or wherever, the tube is often the fastest and easiest way to get there. Add rail, bus, cycling, train, and water transport, and you have a virtual magic carpet that will get you from one end of London Town to the other, and far beyond – even Paris!

Here are a few of the shots I recorded on this last trip. For more, please visit my other website at 

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