Return To Oz

Phoenix – Honolulu – Sydney – Cairns – Melbourne – Sydney – Honolulu – Phoenix. It was quite a trip, and all in 10 days! Plus, I got to dive the Great Barrier Reef, visited the Daintree Rainforest, learned how to throw a boomerang, saw koalas, kookaburras, and kangaroos in the wild, sampled the wonderful Melbourne coffee culture, toured the city by bike, took an excursion to the Great Ocean Road, feasted on amazing Thai street food, ate shark, hovered over a 150 million-year-old rainforest and got to see it close up and personal, made a bunch of new friends, took over 9,000  photographs, and traveled over 20,000 miles.

Now I'm home, sorting through all the images and putting together a portfolio of the trip. It's entitled Australia, and I hope you like it. Here's a link:

As with all my portfolios, Australia is  a work in progress, and will change over time. Some images will be edited, move or disappear as I continue to build the portfolio in an attempt to make a more compelling and cohesive story. Thanks for your patience, and for joining me on this incredible adventure!

Sunset at Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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