We'll Always have Paris

 A million years ago (before the pandemic), I had this concept for a portfolio. Famous cafes, bistros, and watering holes in Paris. So, I did my due diligence, scouted the city via Google, and listed 43 potential candidates. I paid for a hotel on the Left Bank, bought an airline ticket, and got ready to go. 

The pandemic struck just before I was ready to head off to the City of Light. Nobody knew what was happening. People were dying so fast that hospitals were forced to stack corpses in refrigeration trucks. Needless to say, the trip went into the ashcan. 

After being told there wasn't a problem, we were advised to put bleach in our veins. Next, it was horse paste. I could go on, but finally, science prevailed. A vaccine became available, and folks lined up by the millions to get inoculated. Some refused, insisting it was a government plot. Sadly, many of them died. 

But enough history. We aren't necessarily living happily ever after, but things are somewhat back to normal – the new normal, whatever that is.

It's time to complete the concept I dreamed up all those years ago. So, I'm going back to Paris. I know the city pretty well, can get around, have a plan, and speak passably good French. Now, If the weather cooperates, I should get some good images. Wish me luck!

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