The Lessons of History

 If history teaches anything, it is that we forget, and in the forgetting, we forget what we forgot. It's a clumsy way to say it, but also proof that AI didn't generate this post. Put simply, human memory is ephemeral, yet photography can be both documentary and expository. Here's a case in point: 

I honestly don't recall a whole lot about that day over eighteen years ago. Jocelyn and Mark were about to have their first child. There was quite a crowd at the hospital; family, friends, medical staff, etc. Everyone got a chance to hold that little bundle of joy and marvel at the miracle that had been brought into the world. 

Just the other day, I got to take his high school graduation photo, and again I marveled at all the amazing moments during the intervening years that had brought so much joy, love, anguish, trepidation, and celebration to every life he has touched. Now he's off to Hawaii with his friends, and another page has been turned in the chapter of our lives. 

These images document that journey through time and help us recall those moments that might otherwise be obscured by the mist of time and memory, something AI will never achieve. 

I'm not worried. I know this is real. 

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